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Your Business, Your Career, Your Perfect Match

We are proud to be a trusted resource for talent acquisition, human resources, hiring managers, and candidates.

Making the best match

Our expertise helps us recognize a great match. Good matches come from great relationships. We take the time to cultivate relationships over the years with our clients and candidates.


We know how sensitive a job search can be for companies and candidates. You can keep your search off the radar without spreading your name all over the internet or within the industry.  

Professional and Transparent

Our reputation is built on being professional and transparent.  Open and honest communication ensures better matches and long-term success.

instantly broaden your reach

We have spent years building a network that spans the entire country.  Our roots run deep.  We know who to call and where to look.

Meet Our Founder

Mike Whittington
For over 20 years, Mike has been a trusted advisor to match client companies with top talent. He has worked with clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to fill a broad range of positions across the US. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Texas State University, where he played tennis. Mike was previously ranked as the #1 tennis player in Arkansas. Mike lives in Bentonville, Arkansas, with his wife, Dianna. They have 2 adult children, Stratton is a financial analyst in Tulsa, and Bailey, a dermatology physician assistant in Little Rock.

about our team

The team at Match Point Recruiting has over 40 years of experience in recruiting and human resources.

 We have worked with clients from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to fill a broad range of Sales, Manufacturing, Operations, Marketing, supply chain, and Corporate Services positions.

We have made successful placements in Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Kansas City, Cincinnati, New York, Indianapolis, Seattle, Minneapolis, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Bentonville, and Tampa, to name a few. 

Match Point Recruiting enjoys building long-term relationships with clients and candidates.  We have expertise in talent acquisition, job descriptions, organizational design, salary analysis, career coaching, resume writing, and human resources.

Your Business, Your Career, Your Perfect Match