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Do You Know What Match point Recruiting Can Do For You?

We are your ideal partner if you’re a small to mid-sized company. We offer options that accommodate any budget and emphasize finding the perfect cultural fit. Candidates may be drawn to larger companies, but with our help, you can effectively market your company and job to potential candidates.

It is more than just a search

We can help you with salary benchmarking, job descriptions, offer negotiations, arranging interviews, provide candidate feedback, and more.  We are also an extension of your HR and marketing teams to spread the unique aspects about your company and culture.  Match Point Recruiting is your advocate in the competitive candidate market and works with your best interest in mind. 

We have industry/market knowledge

We stay up to date with market knowledge, candidate behavior, and recruiting trends. We stay connected with industry leaders; many of our candidates come from network referrals. With over 40 years of combined experience, we know what attracts top talent, and we ask the right questions.

Exclusive Access to Talent

We give you access to talent that you won’t normally find. Top candidates aren’t looking at job postings because they don’t need to. We can attract passive candidates who may have never heard of your company or opportunity. Job postings give you applicants – we give you qualified and interested candidates.


We can keep a stealth approach when you are replacing someone. You might not want your customers, competitors, or non-qualified applicants to know about your open position. We can keep everything under wraps and recruit from companies you can’t.

Our service pays for itself

An unfilled critical position is costly. The cost of making a bad hire can be astronomical. The time it takes for your HR team and hiring managers to source and interview candidates increases your overall costs and lost productivity. In the long run, we save you money and time by presenting the most qualified candidates and cutting your work down significantly.

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