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We help companies find top talent to help their business succeed.​

How We Help Companies Find Talent

Match Point Recruiting offers options that accommodate any budget and emphasize finding a great cultural fit regardless of company size.

We can help you effectively market your company and job to potential candidates. We are an extension of your team.

We Streamline The Search
For Finding Candidates

It Is More Than Just A Search

This is a basic text element. We offer assistance in salary benchmarking, crafting job descriptions, negotiating offers, coordinating interviews, supplying candidate feedback, and more. Serving as an extension of your HR and marketing teams, we amplify the unique aspects of your company and culture. Match Point Recruiting serves as your advocate in the competitive candidate market, always prioritizing your best interests.​

Exclusive Access To Talent ​​

We give you access to talent that you won’t normally find. Top candidates aren’t looking at job boards because they don’t need to. We can attract passive candidates who may have never heard of your company or opportunity. Job postings give you applicants – we give you qualified and interested candidates.​

Our Service Pays For Itself​​

Leaving a critical position unfilled incurs significant costs. The expenses associated with making a poor hiring decision can be astronomical. The prolonged duration for your HR team and hiring managers to source and interview candidates adds to overall costs and lost productivity. Ultimately, we save you both money and time by presenting highly qualified candidates, substantially reducing your workload.

We Have Industry/Market Knowledge

We remain current on market knowledge, candidate behavior, and recruiting trends while staying connected with industry leaders, and a significant number of our candidates come from network referrals. Leveraging over 40 years of combined experience, we possess the insights into what attracts top talent and pose the right questions.​


We can maintain a discreet approach, ensuring that your open position remains confidential from customers, competitors, and unqualified applicants. We are adept at keeping everything under wraps and recruiting from companies that might otherwise be inaccessible to you.​

What Our Client Companies Say About Us

Mike, is an excellent recruiter and is an expert in recognizing the skill set required to excel in the competitive environment of the top-tier accounts. I have had the pleasure of working with Mike when looking for new talent, and he has always come through.
National Account Manager
Mike and Team at Match Point are first class. They build long term relationships with their clients. Other recruiting firms focus on the placement opportunity then move on. At Match Point, you're a client for life. I trust the Match Point Team and recommended them frequently to my network and peers located both here in Northwest Arkansas and around the country. Thank you Match Point Team!!
Channel Sales Director
If you're looking for the best candidates, your search should begin and end with Mike and Match Point Recruiting. I've worked with Mike numerous times over the last 20 years and he consistently brings superbly qualified candidates to the table. No need to go anywhere else.
Senior Strategic Program Manager
As a recently retired EVP, for years Mike was my go to guy to find top talent. He would always send us quality candidates and importantly they were not folks that were two years and gone but true team members that built meaningful careers with our company. Mike is a trusted, sincere and professional recruiter who I was proud to work with for more than 15 years in my career.
Executive Vice President
We utilized Match Point's services to fill an upper level accounting/finance position. Their response time, professionalism, and quality of candidates were excellent. They provided only prescreened qualified applicants that were well-matched to our requirements. Will not hesitate to use them again.
It was great to work with Mike on filling a Sales role last year. Would definitely work with him again.
Sr. Business Development Manager
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